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Do you have a child who is difficult to parent? Is your child defiant, aggressive, controlling, hyperactive, depressed, or anxious? As an adult do you feel overwhelmed, depressed, lonely, or trapped in the past?

Do you desire a more meaningful life? Do you wish your relationships were more satisfying? Do you want to understand and change destructive patterns in your life?


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Family and child counselingAt C.A.R.E. we understand that raising a child with emotional problems is no easy task. We also recognize that as adults our past experiences can deeply influence our feelings about ourselves as well as our ability to relate to others.

Our therapists are committed to providing effective treatments that aim to resolve each client’s distress. We focus not only on symptom reduction, but addressing core struggles that lead to symptoms. Therapists have advanced training and ongoing consultation with top experts, which adds to the quality of treatment we offer.