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C.A.R.E. Counseling Fee Policy

Care Counseling accepts both self pay and insurance reimbursements for therapy services. The following provides an explanation of how fees are covered in the following arrangements:


Therapy services are provided at the fee rate of $100 for each therapy hour (50 minutes) for sessions in the office.  The initial therapy session is typically 60-90 minutes and the fee is $150.  The rate for in-home therapy is $120 an hour.  Psychological testing, including the testing and write up is $120 per hour.  Fees for report writing and phone calls (longer than 10 minutes) are charged at the same rate.  Preparation for and time spent in court is billed at $150 per hour (including travel time). 

Self Pay:  Self pay clients are asked to provide payment at the time of service for each session by either cash or check.  All checks should be written to CARE Counseling, Inc.

In- Network Insurance:  CARE has contracted providers for Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Century insurance plans.  Clients with “in-network” insurance benefits can expect that their therapy will be covered to the full extent of what is allowed by their plan.  In most cases, individuals will be responsible for only their co-pay at the time of services.  CARE Counseling will then bill the insurance electronically.  

Out of Network Insurance:  Some insurance plans allow for out of network coverage.  This means that you may use a provider who is not paneled with your insurance plan, but the coverage you receive may be less than what it would be with a contracted provider.  We ask for payment upfront from you but will be happy to submit the claim to your insurance company for you. It is often difficult to determine what your insurance company will pay.  We would be happy to contact your insurance company for you to determine what they would reimburse you at their out-of-network rate.

Forms of Payment:  CARE accepts both cash and check payments.  All checks should be written payable to C.A.R.E. Counseling.  Credit or debit cards are not accepted. 

Failed Appointments:  CARE reserves your scheduled appointment time specifically for you.  Therefore, we ask that cancellations be made at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment, so that the time can be offered to another client.  A full session fee will be charged for missed appointments, or those cancelled less than 24 hours in advance.  Insurance cannot be billed for canceled appointments.  Therefore, the full session fee will be the responsibility of the client.


Many clients today are electing not to use their insurance. Here are the reasons:

  • Insurance companies require you to have a mental health diagnosis in order to pay for your treatment.
  • Insurance companies then determine how many sessions you can attend, how frequent you can attend, and insist on getting documentation to justify the treatment, which may include summaries of treatment or copies of the therapist’s session notes.
  • Most people who attend therapy are dealing with relationship struggles within or outside their family. Most insurance companies do not pay for treatment for these types of difficulties, unless one of the participants has a mental health disorder.
  • The insurance company may then give information about your mental health history, status, and treatment to national databases, where others can access the information. This may make it difficult to get health and life insurance later, or may cause your rates to be much higher.
  • Clients prefer to maintain their privacy. They often do not wish for others to have access to personal information.

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